Car seat protection cover

Car seat protection cover

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It can be hard for a mischievous kid to stay calm during long road trips and their play time can lead to front seat covers being stained and dirty from your child’s feet. The ROXY-KIDS protection cover will help keep the car seats clean do you don’t have to put a stop to you little one’s play time.

The cover is made of transparent PVC film with black lining which makes it a universal accessory that fits into any car interior. It’s easy to attach the cover - just throw the strap over the headrest and tighten it with a special elastic band. The cover is attached securely and stays in place no matter how restless your kid is.

The device is made of PVC which is known for its high quality and durability providing long service life and perfect shape of the product throughout its useful life. The surface can be easily cleaned even when it comes to the worst stains, it doesn’t deform when exposed to moisture and dries in an instant. With the help of this accessory road trips with your kid will become easier and more comfortable. The covers are lightweight and compact so you can easily take them with you anywhere and use in someone else’s car if needed.

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