Head support pillow for babies

Head support pillow for babies

General Features:
Target age:since birth
Material:100% cotton, polyester fiber
Weight:180 g
Package dimensions (HxWxL):20 x 26 x 5 cm
Country of manufacture:Russia

This head support pillow is basically two cushions joined together by a Velcro.Your baby’s position is physiologically correct which allows them to relax and avoid putting pressure on their neck.


  • Provides secure head support for newborns that can’t hold their heads yet.
  • Correctly supports and takes the load off fragile spines.
  • Can be used anywhere - in a crib, a bouncer, a pram or an infant car seat.
  • The pillowslip is made of pure cotton - an eco and health friendly material.
  • The fabric does not irritate your baby’s soft skin.
  • You can adjust the size with help of a secure Velcro when your baby grows up.
  • The pillow is easy to use on-the-go due to its light weight.
  • The individual packaging can be used for storing later on.
  • Simple design and calming colors fit into any interior.

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